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Cellulite, an inevitability for women


Cellulite occurs in over 80% of women, most often localised on the buttocks and the thighs. Resistant to diet, “orange peel” or dimpled skin develops both in thin women, as well as in chubby ones. Difficult to find a solution? Today, say STOP to CELLULITE because finally there is a solution!

This technique is aimed both at those women who have already tried everything, as well as to those who have never tried to do anything.

A technique acclaimed by physicians

The result of scientific research, MEDICAL CELLU SYSTEM is the result of several years’ research. Recognised and adopted by the scientific community, it appears as a true revolution in Cosmetic Medicine.

The MEDICAL CELLU SYSTEM is a clinically proven technique with visible results. Several published reports and scientific studies confirm its effectiveness.

Perfect synergy: electromagnetic waves in combination with suctioning (Vacuum)

The Vacuum effect suctions the skin thus creating a true skin fold on which electromagnetic waves act by progressively warming the tissue.

A patented innovation

The electromagnetic waves of the MEDICAL CELLU SYSTEM make it possible to target the depth of the procedure very precisely depending on the type of cellulite to treat. Furthermore, this specific and exclusive method, can target different tissue layers simultaneously, and thus produce rapid action and incomparable results. This simultaneous action is the secret to its enhanced efficacy and maximum metabolic activity.

Cellulite is treated both on the surface and in depth, while reinforcing collagen and elastin fibres, thus restoring skin firmness and tone .

Visible results

With the MEDICAL CELLU SYSTEM you will lose your dimpled skin and your cellulite will start to disappear.

- Orange peel” skin which permanently regresses,,

- Cellulite which disappears after completion of sessions of therapy,,

- A younger, tightened, smooth skin,

- A clinically proven technique: safe, effective and non-invasive,

- Without surgery.


What is the F.D.A. certification ?

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Presentation of the technical

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The principle of the action- Télématin F2 - mars 2012

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