Medical Cellu System




  The Medical Cellu System incorporates CORE technology and its unique parameters with variable frequency in order to control depth of penetration of the electromagnetic waves precisely into the underlying tissue.

This study explains the theoretical basis of this technology and presents results of an in vivo clinical study to confirm this theory concerning the actual thermal effects obtained on the inner skin of the pig. Based on different properties of the applications provided (levels of intensity of electromagnetic waves combined with levels of intensity of suctioning), different depths of warming are obtained ranging from 3.9 to 18.6 mm.


  Results of this study showed overall improvement of 55% on average in the appearance of cellulite. All participants reported satisfactory results during the therapy.

The Medical Cellu System with CORE technology has been rated as a safe and highly effective technique for treatment of cellulite and body sculpturing in particular, in the areas of the thighs and buttocks.

  A patient : M. E, a 27 year old man, with an excess of skin and many stretch marks on the abdomen because of weight loss of over 50 kg in 12 months.

After 8 sessions of therapy, the patient’s skin showed a spectacular improvement in terms of skin tone and reduction of excess skin on the abdomen with a significant improvement in the appearance of stretch marks. The treatment protocol is applicable to excessive weight loss, such as after pregnancy.

  A study of 16 women, 37 to 66 years of age, with moderate to severe skin wrinkles and skin laxity

Results showed a significant improvement in 81% of patients. The study demonstrated that the device is safe and effective for reduction of skin wrinkles and improvement of skin tone.


Wat is het F.D.A.-certificaat?

FDA is the abbreviation for the Food and Drug Administration, the US government agency in charge of pharmacovigilance; that is, studies, control and regulation of health products/medicinal products before their marketing.

FDA certification is granted when the product offers a significant and safe advantage.


Today, having FDA certification is a guarantee of seriousness and effectiveness that few devices can claim to have.


What to know:

This standard is granted on the condition that the manufacturer agrees to test the device in clinical trials, for the purpose of demonstrating that it offers real benefit for the patient, while ensuring his or her safety.