vraincre la cellulite


The CORE technological innovation

CORE technology (Channelled Optimal RF Energy) is a patented technology, n innovative approach in treatment with electromagnetic wave therapy, which uses three separate frequency channels, to which a fourth dimension is added: the multi-channel mode. Each channel targets a specific depth of penetration.

This exclusive multi-channel mode combines the three frequencies in a single impulse, thus making it possible to treat all tissue layers simultaneously, from the outer layer to the deepest layer.

Combined with effects of alternating suctioning, this technique makes possible multi-dimensional treatment of cellulite for complete body remodelling and skin tightening.

It is now possible to choose the frequency channel according to the desired result, while ensuring safety, as well as patient comfort. The MEDICAL CELLU SYSTEM targets a specific layer of the skin with precision, warming the network of collagen and elastin fibres in order to increase metabolism of the subcutaneous tissue.

How does it work?

The concentrated energy of electromagnetic waves emitted by the MEDICAL CELLU SYSTEM produces controlled, targeted warming of tissues, producing physiological changes on the surface and in depth:

- A decrease in size of adipocytes,

- Elimination of orange peel skin,

- Firming of the skin,

- Improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation.

Alternating suctioning strategically positions the skin between the two electrodes in order to optimise results, while enabling even deeper penetration of the energy over a larger area.

A technique with world recognised effects

The practitioner has true control over the depth of penetration of the energy, by combining different wave modes with different levels of suctioning. This enables perfect control of depth of action and of results obtained.

This technique combined with good dietary habits makes it possible to obtain spectacular incomparable effects.

une réponse multidimentionnelle
The multi-channel mode

schema scientifique
Different depths of penetration

schema scientifique
Infrared images of a section of skin with use of the F-Contour applicator


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